Some years ago I started with photography. It was for fun, more than necessity. In those days I shared all my ignorance about this matter with Manolo, a close friend of mine. I had a bridge camera, and he had a Nikon 5000 as a wedding present, so he used to lend me his camera.

It is around 3 years by now since then. I have been searching around for my own equipment, I have been studying… and that which was a hobby has become a necessity.

Last week Manolo made me this web site as a present… Manolo and Angela have always given me support. They thought I could be a good photographer. They had faith in me. And I´m very happy with the site, because I can start writing again (it was something I used to do everyday, years ago, and that I left), and I can publish my photographs. Nothing else could be better for me in these moments!

Thanks a lot Manolo. For your patience and for your present. And for the picture of yourself I have stolen from you Fb! Now you have a face.


Also available in: Dutch Spanish

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