I was also born in the Mediterranean Sea.

I remember the beach was pretty close to my home. My friends and I went walking to the beach in wintertime. We used to play there, to run fast. We used to look for shells and cranks… We all went together, with our mothers, who were talking and laughing, enjoying the winter sun at middays, which is so wonderful… This sun that touches your skin, like a stroke. This sun, which heats but does not burn…

Children were playing with the sand. We run, we just live. The fresh sea breeze was stroking our faces, was playing with our hair. And we were happy. With this true happiness and bliss of the childhood.



We moved. When I was six, we moved. We moved to an inland village. And I forgot the sea. It is easy to forget something or someone you cannot see, you cannot enjoy. Long absent, soon forgotten.

And the years passed by.

But destiny is whimsical.

When I was 27 years old, I moved. Again.

Moving from one city to another has been a leitmotiv during my whole life.

And I came to Denia.


I arrived to a beautiful little fishing village, with endless beaches.

And I came back to the sea. Without looking for it. Although I did not pay much attention to it when I came back. I was a woman scorned, because my lover left me some years before.

And when I saw the sea again, I pretended I did not care.

I pretended I was not affected by the electric blue colour of the sea in winter.


I behaved as if I did not need the long walks along its white sandy beaches, almost deserted.



I pretended its red sunrises where not so powerful as they really are.



But… I was just fooling myself.

I could not live without him. I felt in love with him again. I felt in love with his odour, with the sound of his waves, with his breeze, with all his moods, with his sunrises… I felt in love with his spirit and vitality.

And sometimes I feel this love does not work in two ways, as I cannot give back as much as he gives to me.

His calm,



and his anger as well.



His love and his generosity.



And now I know, I am lost forever.

Because I was born in the Mediterranean Sea. And this is the only think that matters.

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